About Me

ken-promoA photographer sees the world through a rectangular view finder. While other’s focus on “the big picture” our attention is to detail and minimal exposure. “God is in the details” I’ve been told. Do you see what I see?

I’ve been asked “why I take flower pictures?” I simply answer “the flower may only last a few days, but my photographs of them will stay beautiful forever”. Beauty, like life, is fleeting. Here today, gone tomorrow.
I wish to make a mark on this world through my art. I’ve been blessed my whole life “with the eye”. I see things others overlook or are too busy to take the time to enjoy. Perhaps my contribution to the world of tomorrow will be the photographs I take today. What I wish to leave behind me will be these images.
Maybe someday, someone will say while looking dreamily at one of my pictures, “this guy had the eye”.
These images I am offering for sale, will hopefully satisfy the needs of any hungry soul searching for the tranquility only found in Nature and it’s colorful wonders. I envision that 100 years from now, someone searching for just the right picture or a rose or a spring flower will come to appreciate what I have done today.
I hope you see something in these images that pleases you; I pray they give you the same peace and pleasure they gave me in capturing them.