Pricing and Options

My base for a wide coverage photo shoot, wedding or bar mitzvah is a very reasonable $1500.  That’s for my time.  Weddings sometimes include a rehearsal dinner the night before AND a brunch the morning after. I’ve been asked to cover both pre and post parties as part of the over all shoot.

At a Bar Mitzvah, most of the “schmaltz” shots are done a few days before the ceremony, usually mid week.  Everyone gets all dressed up and they do a rehersal at the Temple.  I take a lot of the final album pictures that night.  Conservative and Orthodox congregations, do not allow pictures to be taken on the sabbath.  Reform congregations, sometimes do, it’s up the individual Rabbi.

These, of course would be extra.  My job does not end with the shoot, it goes on for quite a while afterwards.  There are hours of work to be done before I “pass the proofs” to the clients, for example.

I have to edit the pictures, send them out for first draft proofs (have them printed looking for errors or adjustments to color balance and brightness, then place them in an inexpensive album for viewing by the client, which takes time and travel).

The client then picks the pictures they want.  Most times, the viewing album of ALL the shots taken is there’s to keep.  Final prints and requested individual blow up enlargments have to be extra, as are fancy albums, memory discs and other service expenses are added to that figure.

Photography ain’t cheap if it’s good.

A $500 “non refundable” advance to hold the date is the industry standard.

Business meetings, professional portraits, awards dinners, birthday parties, anniversary banquets, school yearbook shoots, are all different, but a party is a party.  Start at $500 and we can work our way up from there.

Obviously, print costs are involved when speaking business shoots.  4×6 albums of kids parties are a whole different animal.  I have to think about this.  I wonder what you think about it.

Pictures of valuables for insurance purposes are a standard shoot, by the job or by the hour.